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General Guidelines


Applicant is admitted to the JCP on the discretion of OTA. The applicant has to submit the applicatin form filled in along with two copies of passport photograph.


Once admitted, the player shall wear tennis foot wear & shoks, short/shirts of his/her choice.(proper tennis shoes (inverted soles) is very important. no other shoes shall be allowed).OTA is planning to introduce OTA branded T-shirts from january 2019.Once the OTA branded T-Shirts are available,all players need to play wearing same.


Players are expected to be regular and punctual for their coaching seasons. if for some reason, a player is not able to attend, his/her parents are required to inform the Coach/CEO of JCP in advance.


Participants are expected to maintain discipline and conduct properly during coaching season with in Kalinga Stadium Tennis Complex. OTA reserves the rights to restrict the applicant from further Coaching in case of misconduct or indiscipline.


Fees for Coaching have to be paid in advance with in 10th of the first month of the quarter or by 10th of the month for that month .


Parents are requested not to offer any money or gifts to the coaches and trainers.


Monday will be weekly off for coaching.


Entry to Tennis Court after scheduled time shall not be entertained in normal course.


Slots shall be allotted to each player as per his/her options.He/She needs to stick to the slots.


Balls would be provided by OTA.


Ball boys would be provided for specialised coaching classes if the need is felt.

Management, OTA