Best Casino Affiliate Programs in India

Best Casino Affiliate Programs in India

21.03.2022 0 By Admin

Casino partnership programs suggest a win-win situation. Both parties can share the task of finding new customers. Affiliates are rewarded for helping players make money at the casino. Players use their affiliate links to contact operators with the best selection of real money slots, live dealer games and payouts.

If you are a passionate gambler then you might be interested in learning about the various types of affiliate marketing that are available in India. In this article, we will help you narrow down the choices when it comes to casino affiliate programs.

Through an affiliate program, marketers can promote online gambling websites through their various marketing techniques. This article will introduce you to the various aspects of an effective affiliate program.

Most people are not aware that there are ways to get involved in online gambling through an affiliate program. This article will teach them about the various steps involved in becoming an affiliate for an online casino.

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

Most popular casino affiliate programs are very simple to understand. Just a link that takes users to a website that provides revenue to the affiliate is an affiliate deal. However, there is a lot more to these programs than just clicking a link. The relationship between the operators and the affiliates is strong. The affiliates provide a valuable service by informing players about the best online casinos.

The reason why online casinos are not advertised in the usual way is that these deals help spread the word about them to the targeted market. Through these deals, the operators can provide their customers with useful information that will draw their attention. Understanding the terms and conditions of an affiliate program can help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an online casino.

Top Casino Affiliate Programs

1xBet Affiliates

1xbet is a well-known online casino and betting site that has a great affiliate program. With over 20 000 partners worldwide, they can make up to 25% of their referrals. 1xbet has a great affiliate program that includes a weekly payout system, a variety of support tools, and a simple registration process.

Casumo Affiliates

One of the official affiliate programs that is out there for players at Casumo casino is called the Casumo Affiliates. This is a brand that has a unique look and feel that will appeal to players. The commission rate is 25%, and it increases based on the number of depositing players that you send. If you can reach 40, you get a 45% commission.


Euro Partners is one of the largest Playtech affiliates programs, with more than 70,000 partners. It offers a variety of products across different brands. The variety of features and services that Euro Partners offers makes it an excellent choice for affiliates. They include a full suite of competitive rates and localized marketing materials.

Casino Friday

With affiliateXe, you can earn up to 45% commission on the latest online casino brands that are taking the world by storm. Their payouts are fast and they work seamlessly with all their partners.

888 Affiliates

One of the largest online gaming destinations in the world, 888 has a variety of in-house games that are sure to draw players. Their conversion rates are among the highest in the industry. Due to its impeccable reputation for customer service and trust, 888 has been regarded as one of the most reliable online gaming companies in the world.

They have a team of experienced affiliate managers that will help negotiate some of the best programs in the industry. They also give their partners access to a variety of marketing materials.

LeoVegas Affiliates

One of the most popular online casino brands in the world, LeoVegas, offers a variety of games and impeccable service to its players. With a 40% commission, you can track all of your earnings online.

BetVictor Affiliates

Only the very best affiliate partners can join BetVictor’s affiliate program. To be considered, you need to be an invited member of the company. This means that you have to send an email to the partners in order to signal your interest. Expect to receive the latest technology and advice from the team whenever you join. They also have a variety of incentive plans that are designed to maximize your earnings.

Alpha Affiliates

Five great brands are under its belt, and Alpha Affiliates is a great place to start. It operates under licenses from Curacao and Malta, and it has over 500,000 players from various countries.

It has a great deal of structure and no negative carryover, which makes it a great place to start. You can also negotiate up to 50% commission. If you introduce another affiliate, they will receive a 5% commission on their NGR. Alpha Affiliates typically makes these payments by the 15th of the month.


Becoming an affiliate partner in the iGaming sector is very simple and, in most cases, very rewarding. Just register with the appropriate platform and get started with the marketing tools that will help you make money fast. There are also a lot of resources that will help you get started.